Computer Networks Transmission Media

Transmission medium used as a means of connecting computer networks are of two kinds , namely as follows .
A. Transmission media using cable ( Wired Network )

Almost all existing computer networks today use cable as a transmission medium . The transmission medium has limited range and is inefficient because a lot of places to put the cable network . The cable network usually used within a local area , such as in a building or in an educational institution antargedung . When the data source and read more

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Computer Networks : Objectives and Benefits

Computer network is a group of autonomous computers interconnected with each other using communication protocols via communication media so that they can share information , programs , and using shared hardware . Computer networks can be interpreted also as a collection of a number of communication terminals located in different locations comprising more than one interconnected computers .

In an interconnected computer network generally many computers to one or more servers . Server is a read more

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How to Use Special Characters and Letters in Windows

You may have to ask how to write letters and special characters like ® © Ø ¶ Œ and other letters on the keyboard when the key does not exist. Actually the answer to that question is quite easy for an expert in the IT world, but to the layman it is not possible until now could not be done.

Here’s a tutorial how to add special characters and letters that exist in the windows!
1) Adding special characters when using Windows XP

Click the Start button and proceed to click the Run menu.
Type read more

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Classification of Computer Networks

The type – the type of computer networks can be classified as follows:


Network topology is a section that describes the relationship between computers that are built based on usability, resource constraints and cost limitations according to the situation on the ground. The types of network topologies include:

Bus topology

Bus topology is the initial topology is used to connect a computer. In this topology each cable will be connected to a long cable unity with multiple terminals, read more

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Summary of Material Master Digital Electronics

Gate (gate) in the logic circuit is a function that describes the relationship between inputs and outputs. To state the gates are used certain symbols. To show the working principle of each gate (more complex logic circuits) can be used several ways. Common ways include kebearan table (truth table) and timing diagram (timing chart). Because it is a digital circuit, course level conditions that exist in the table or diagram while only 2 kinds of logic 0 (low or false) and logic 1 (high or read more

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Software Applications

Application software or application software is software that is used to perform day-to- day activities of human -specific , for example to create a document , photo manipulation , or make a financial report .

Software applications can be grouped into several sections , namely :

Word processing software ( Word Processing)

This software is used to perform word processing , ie work related to various administrative scripts and correspondence . Example : WordStar , Microsoft Word , Amipro , read more

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Production of goods and services world-class

A lot of companies that are engaged in services or marketing, what else companies that run modern marketing requires more than just developing a product with good quality, price or provide an attractive and affordable to the targeted customers (target market). however, many aspects that must be considered by the company to survive and win the competition. The company is required to be able to set the right marketing strategy, especially with regard to the implementation of the marketing mix read more

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Latest Computer Technology 2013

Today the technology is getting today, is growing rapidly. Many technological innovations that originated from new, or modification of existing technologies. With the new technology, of course, humans are expected to perform activities more efficiently than ever before.

One of the ever-evolving technology of the era was Computer Technology. Computer technology at all times have the latest technology. Because computers are arguably biased items that are always updated. So what are the latest read more

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Computer Network Hardware

To improve the local network management capabilities , you can combine two or more local networks . This merging is called Interconnection Network . To combine local networks it takes some computer networking hardware .

The following computer networking hardware to build a local network :
1 . computer Server
Server is a computer system that runs continuously in the network with the duty to serve the client computer in the network . Physically, computer network hardware is almost identical to read more

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Tutorial Creating a Website Design or Web design

Often we find that a typical website : ” Welcome to my homepage , ” animated e – mail , writing background with oblique ( diagonal ) , animated the borders , border table with three – dimension and others. This happens due Template facilities provided by software makers such web : Frontpage , Corel WebDesigner , and so is intended to facilitate the users in building a website .

If you are satisfied with the results of your work to build a website with a template facility , is enough read more

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