Twitter for Windows 8

Official Twitter app for Windows 8 finally arrived. Previously recorded only MetroTwit and Tweetro a Twitter client application categorized as good.

As usual, to be able to use a Twitter client, you must enter a username and password. It’s just that you do not need to ask for a token advance because the application is made by Twitter itself.

When executed, the feel of the web version of Twitter was once on this application. Your timeline will be treated to tweet directly from the people you follow. In the upper right, there is a button to activate the search feature as well as a text box to write a new tweet. On the left side, there is a row of buttons Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. When executed, by default you will be in a position Home. Enable Connect to see that tweet did mention to you. Discover about the topics that are popular activities as well as your friends on Twitter. Finally, the Me feature everything related to your account.

Know how to How Computers Work

The workings of the computer

When we talk about how computers work , then we must know the computer systems in general . The computer system is a collection of multiple elements such as hardware , software and users that interact to get the desired results . So how computers work is determined from the performance of the three elements mentioned above . If the other one with no interaction , then the computer will not work normally or even not work at all .

how computers work

The characteristics of modern computer systems are as follows :

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How to Make Graphs in Microsoft Excel 2007 Complete Guide

How to make a graph using microsoft excel 2007 is not much different from making graphs microsoft excel 2003 or earlier versions. You only need to create the data that will be displayed in the chart, highlight the data, then select the chart. In an instant the data is displayed in graphical form.

To be more clear about how to make graphs on microsoft excel 2007 please follow this detailed guide below.
Free microsoft excel 2007 graph

1. The first step for the data used. such as the picture below. In the example below uses 3 columns.

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Digital IC families

The development of electronic technology begins with the use of vacuum tubes as primary an electronic device. Then discover the transistors instead of vacuum tubes. The next development was the emergence of an integrated circuit (Integrated Circuit) that combines bipolar components (resistors, transistors) in a single chip.
Digital IC families

Digital IC families

Based on the density of the family component of IC is divided into 4 groups:

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History of TCP / IP

 As already mentioned at the beginning that the TCP / IP was originally developed by suaru defense department (the Department of Defense or DOD) in the United States, namely in 1969, the Research Institute of the U.S. Department of Defense DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency), provide and a development research network communication of data between computers. The purpose of research is the development of inter-computer communications rules that manpu operate transparently, through a variety of communication networks has been installed and is resistant to a variety of natural disturbances. Reset it and gave birth to the ARPAnet, so pad ARPAnet in 1972 demonstrate that research participants in front of the First International Conference on Computer Communications by connecting 40 nodes.

In the course of the larger masaARPAnet, the protocol used at the time the NCP (Network Communication Protocol) is not able to accommodate the computer node that has been growing. DARPA further provides research funds to those problems, with the goal of making the protocol more general. Thus was born the protocol TCP / IP, which in turn in 1982 by DARPA and in 1983 by the ARPAnet states protokool TCP / IP is considered to be a standard for the network. A company BBN (Bolt Beranek Newman) makes TCP / IP running on the computer with the Unix operating system, and that’s when Unix and TCP / IP in the marries.

Of success that has been achieve it, in 1984 netted more than 1000host on the internet. And since the network is getting large, the old naming system host table is not realistic way to regulate host naming system, then introduce a new system that is DNS (Domain Name System) and in use today.

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How to shrink the size of the video file that the long duration

The hour-long video which generally have a large file size too , especially its high-quality video as well or is HD , with sharp images and clear audio . Certainly makes ukuranya bigger. If the video is only stored on the laptop or computer just does not matter . But what if you want to upload or uploaded to the internet , such as to youtube . Would require a very long time , especially if you do not have a super fast internet access . Uploading videos is the same size of 100 mb you exercise patience to wait . That is, if it succeeds , sometimes it is up to 80 % , the connection suddenly jammed , oh , will make the heart grow melancholy .
Shrink the size of the video file

So that events such as the above you are not natural , the most ideal solution is shrink the size of the video file you want to upload , so that the file becomes smaller , with smaller files allows for easy upload. By way of lowering some of the components on the video file , such as lowering the frame size , video bitrate , video frame , audio bit rate , etc. . but keep in mind that the video quality will go down , directly proportional to the small size of the video file is obtained . The smaller the file size , quality will fall as well . so do not get too far down the size a component video above .
How to shrink the size of the video file

For how to shrink the size of the video file can be done easily , with applications that are free anyway , you are just learning the computer can also InshaAllah . The first step please first download the application , ie Any video converter , which is commonly used application for converting video file format to other video format can also be used to shrink the size of the video file as well . Click here to download .

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Microsoft Develops Voice Assistant Siri Competitor with Cortana Name

If you have Apple has Siri, and Google had been developing smart applications like Google Now, then Microsoft did not want to miss. A growing recent news revealed that Microsoft was going to have a similar application. Microsoft is rumored to use the name Cortana voice assistant application on the Windows platform.

Cortana name is not the name that is foreign to Microsoft. The name is one of the Cortana AI character in the Halo game developed by Microsoft. With the ability of his AI, Cortana in the Halo game also has the ability to learn new things and adapt.

In July yesterday, Microsoft had revealed to the public application Siri or Google Now that Apple and Google are not used to make them interested. They want to be more revolutionary and considers both the application is not included in the criteria revolutionary.

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BlackBerry Messenger for iOS stay Approval from Apple

Applications BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS seems about to be used by iPhone users. BlackBerry is said to have sent a file the application to Apple for review since about two weeks ago. And the emergence of applications in the App Store that was just waiting for approval from Apple.

Unfortunately there is no information as to when the application will be formally introduced by BlackBerry. It could be a company based in Canada that do it today or it could be next week.

But the news is unfortunately not accompanied by the presence of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android on Google Play. Moreover, most likely will accidentally launching the BlackBerry BBM app for iOS or Android at the same time. So they now have to wait for approval from the Google.

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