Twitter for Windows 8

Official Twitter app for Windows 8 finally arrived. Previously recorded only MetroTwit and Tweetro a Twitter client application categorized as good.

As usual, to be able to use a Twitter client, you must enter a username and password. It’s just that you do not need to ask for a token advance because the application is made by Twitter itself.

When executed, the feel of the web version of Twitter was once on this application. Your timeline will be treated to tweet directly from the people you follow. In the upper right, there is a button to activate the search feature as well as a text box to write a new tweet. On the left side, there is a row of buttons Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. When executed, by default you will be in a position Home. Enable Connect to see that tweet did mention to you. Discover about the topics that are popular activities as well as your friends on Twitter. Finally, the Me feature everything related to your account.

How to Enter (Input) Data Microsoft Excel 2003 Quickly

Working with a computer should be done quickly and precisely. The competitive world of work needs and time limitations require that every worker should understand the tricks to work efficiently. Computer learning Article will discuss how to enter (input) data in Microsoft Excel 2003 quickly. Because if you use the data amount to much and had a wide range, it will be very effective when enter the data one by one.

To enter the same data into several cells at the same time, you can do so with the following procedures:

1. Select the cells where you want to fill the data.
2. Type the data and press Ctrl + Enter.

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How to Use Microsoft Excel Print Preview Facility

In the previous article we have learned how to enter data, formulas and formatting the data form MS Excel. Now we will learn to present the data in a report and presentation to others. The report and presentation desired by the audience or supervisor should we clean the print using the turn the page on the right. We can also add headers and footers to display the print date, page number or the name of the workbook automatically.

Ideally we want the workbook is printed with a clean but do not spend a lot of paper. Therefore, we also need to check whether the required rows or columns are displayed on the screen according to the desired margin. Print preview facility is useful in this case to show our work on screen before you print through the printer. To display the prints on the screen, make sure the active workbook is the workbook to be printed.

How to see Print Preview in Microsoft Excel worksheet?

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When the data and / or processing-instruction incorporated into devices, the first one in place in the MAA (via Input-storage), is a form of instruction in capacity by the Control Unit in-storage program, but is a form of data-storage capacity in Working ). If the register is ready to receive the work execution, the Control Unit will take instruction from program storage for capacity-right into the Instruction Register, while the memory address that contains the instructions stored in the Program Counter. While the data taken by the Control Unit of the Working-storage to be accommodated in general-purpose registers (in this case-register operands). If the work is done based instruction is arithmetic and logic, ALU will take the control of the operation to do based on the instruction set. The result is stored in the accumulator. If the results of the processing has been completed, the Control Unit will take the results of the processing in the Accumulator to fit back into the Working-storage. If the whole work has been completed, the Control Unit will pick up the processing of Working-storage to fit into the Output-storage. Then the rest of Output-storage, processing results will be displayed to the output devices.

Advanced Computer Tips Keeping Stamina

This discussion does not address the physical damage, but leaning on the steps of securing a malicious virus attacks, worms, Trojans and so forth.

Why can a virus attack and so on?

Trivial problem that often interact with a computer without the internet as a shield for extra protection. When downloading files, reading email, using pirated software is unintentionally monitored by malicious spyware, or software that has been infiltrated to attack than slow.

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The differences led lcd and plasma monitors

Several months in Indonesia starting to bloom LED TV sales, we may wonder what is LED? What about technology? Advantages and disadvantages? This article attempts to answer your anxiety. Simultaneously we compare with LCD and Plasma that has been issued in advance by the company – the electronics company. Plasma, LCD and LED are the three main technologies available in today’s flat-screen TVs. And most TV makers now have models in the three technologies.
What is the difference monitor LCD, LED and Plasma?

The first question that probably comes to your mind is, what is the difference between the three types of TV? LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD TV has liquid crystal between the display panel TV, which gets activated when an electric current is supplied to it. LED TV works on the same liquid crystal platform, but light from a light emitting diode (Light Emitting Diodes, LED) used as a back-light for this TV, while the normal LCD TV uses lamp CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps). A plasma TV works on a completely different platform. A plasma TV has a sheet of individual plasma cells, which get activated when electricity is passed to the TV. Thus we can see that plasma and LCD technologies are completely different, while the difference between LCD and LED is only the back-light, which they use.
Contrast Ratio

A contrast ratio of the TV is the ability to show high contrast areas on the screen. The area is a high contrast black and white in the image. If the TV has a good contrast ratio, it shows the difference between dark and bright areas the screen very well. Testing is the contrast ratio TV in dark scenes, where the need to differentiate the color black is required.
The fact that plasma TVs generally have better contrast ratios than LCD and LED TVs. This is because plasma has a plasma TV in each cell, which automatically turn themselves on parts of the screen darker. LCD TVs on the other hand has a liquid crystal so that when it comes to displaying dark images, CCFL should be dimmed result of black color is not so convincing. On the other hand, LCD TVs powered by the rear LED lights have a slight edge as the individual LEDs twist themselves into the ‘off’ position in the dark screen thus providing a more convincing black than an LCD TV.
Results: In contrast ratio parameters, plasma TV clearly has the upper hand. LED TV is next, followed by the last LCD TV.
Viewing Angle

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Here’s Favorite Games Women

What is thought of when you hear the game specifically for women ? Maybe game designing clothes , cooking , sewing , or caring for children . That’s not wrong .

Through the game , the women invited to feel the everyday life through a virtual world . For example Jojo ‘s Fashion Show. This game makes the player play a top fashion designer tub .

Players can at will pair the clothing and accessories on the model . Types of clothing available is very interesting , from party clothes to dress in medieval Europe . The more fashionable and match the higher score achieved .

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Socialize Microsoft Active Start Cessation Support Windows XP

Towards the termination of support for Windows XP that will be realized on April 8, 2014, Microsoft seems to always use every opportunity to promote and remind everyone to leave the operating system that has existed for 11 annual.

Tami Reller, who served as Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Marketing Group, which was then featured as a speaker at an event the Intel Developer Forum 2013 in San Francisco, confirmed that Windows XP will no longer be a secure platform and vulnerable to various attacks.

Aware of it, he also stressed on the importance of all people starting now to get used to not depend on Windows XP again and even started to think to immediately switch to another newer Windows. In addition, he also claims that Windows 8 when this is the most secure platform ever launched by Microsoft.

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