Twitter for Windows 8

Official Twitter app for Windows 8 finally arrived. Previously recorded only MetroTwit and Tweetro a Twitter client application categorized as good.

As usual, to be able to use a Twitter client, you must enter a username and password. It’s just that you do not need to ask for a token advance because the application is made by Twitter itself.

When executed, the feel of the web version of Twitter was once on this application. Your timeline will be treated to tweet directly from the people you follow. In the upper right, there is a button to activate the search feature as well as a text box to write a new tweet. On the left side, there is a row of buttons Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. When executed, by default you will be in a position Home. Enable Connect to see that tweet did mention to you. Discover about the topics that are popular activities as well as your friends on Twitter. Finally, the Me feature everything related to your account.

Amoled Screen

AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. AMOLED is a display technology OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). OLED is a solid device that consists of thin films. The films containing organic molecules that can produce light when powered. OLED is used as a screen in a device with a higher acuity levels and relatively low power consumption. AMOLED is issued by Samsung, a technology company based in South Korea (Seoul).

AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. AMOLED is a display technology OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). OLED is a solid device that consists of thin films. The films containing organic molecules that can produce light when powered. OLED is used as a screen in a device with a higher acuity levels and relatively low power consumption. AMOLED is issued by Samsung, a technology company based in South Korea (Seoul). As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Samsung launched the innovative touch screen AMOLED-based technology that became the first AMOLED touch screen. AMOLED technology is a form of development from the previous screen, known as Thin Film Transistor (TFT). This technology is the result of a combination of OLED technology and conventional active matrix TFT LCD. AMOLED is a form of development of ordinary passive OLED screen, which can turn any pixel with efficiently and directly. AMOLED technology has touch functionality (touchscreen) directly, rather than through the second layer on top of the screen. The new method is done through the addition of sensors to the organic cells of the LED. Touch interface is able to increase the thickness of the screen reaches a thousandth of a millimeter, so it will reduce the sharpness or dim the image, as if mounted in two panels.

AMOLED display has a brightness level (brightness) high in appearance. AMOLED technology packed RGB adjustment feature, which can make the color of the photo or video is more stable, so it looks brighter and sharper. This technology has a low level of energy consumption or saving power, so that power consumption is minimal, and the battery can last for a long time. This technology is able to save 40 percent more power than others. Rate thinness of the screen reaches 0.001 mm. In addition the screen is even claimed to produce better black levels than others, though seen from the sun directly, the screen still looks bright and clear, and the color is still bright. AMOLED screen also does not require backlighting that has the ability to regulate how much pixels, with lower power consumption, even in large sizes. In addition, this screen also has a deeper contrast ratio than most other LCDs. The uniqueness of the shape AMOLED screen is a screen is able to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically. AMOLED is made faster response times when the phone turns on and off positions. Thinness and flexibility of the material used in this screen technology making factories can make the screen in varying sizes, from small to giant size though. For example, the Plasma TV screen sizes in excess of 150 inches to the size of the smallest on the phone. Besides the other advantages of this technology compared to LCD technology is that the AMOLED technology, to be seen by the human eye does not require a backlight light further.
Weakness AMOLED

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Know the ins and outs of USB Modem , how does it work

USB modem

Current communication technology is so advanced and growing rapidly . It seems like just yesterday we know there is a computer network in Indonesia , through a cafe . However, the current computer network technology can we bring into our homes without the hassle . We can connect to the Internet , which is part of a computer network , through a USB modem . With a USB modem , Internet connection can be done without using the telephone network cables . USB modem comes as a solution to access the Internet . Because it is not using the cable , the USB modem does not need to wait to register and use. Internet users who use the landline of course have to wait for days so that the application be approved . If it is approved , it still takes up cord attached . The wait time can be much longer if it turns out the cable network is already full or not available at the customer premises .
The workings of USB modem

USB modem to connect your computer to the Internet through a service provider’s signal for CDMA EVDO and HSDPA for 3G/GSM . USB modem is similar to our cell phones , only minus the battery and screen as well made ​​as small as possible . Also use a USB modem chip for GSM SIM and RUIM cards for CDMA . Many operators now offering internet services with their respective advantages . Among them are Telkomsel , Three , Indosat , Axis and XL for 3G/GSM and SmartFren , AHA and Flexi for CDMA / EVDO . Speed ​​access in general depends on the package that we took . But there are also operators who apply the maximum speed limit , but given the data that we can enjoy . Of course the internet packages we can choose according to our need for the internet . In addition to relying on internet packages that we buy , the signal that we can also determine the speed of internet access . Term , the position of determining achievement .
The need to use a USB modem

USB modem does not require wiring connections. USB modem is very simple in terms of operation . USB Modem not only can be used wirelessly , but also portable or movable . Even in development at this time , there is a USB modem which not only can be used one computer , but can be shared to other computers using a router . USB modems have a system that has been programmed and the application can be installed on the device is quite new . By default , the USB modem is plugged in which will install the USB modem . The process was no more than five minutes .

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File Renamer

In this post we would like to discuss about File Renamer , a freeware application which is very helpful in changing the file name back . Yuuk let ! ! Often we have a number of files that we want to give the name on a regular basis , such as image files , song files , and so on . Well , the number of files is usually not a bit is not it? File Renamer can help facilitate renaming these files easily and quickly .

Song files that are not named a little annoying when played . Similarly, the full code file photo , certainly difficult when having to search for photos . Replace the files one by one would be very difficult and time consuming . If you want to change the names of the numerous files quickly , File Renamer can help .

File Renamer has a lot of features that are very useful for renaming . This application can rename many files at once to quickly according to the option you want , for example, add a word or a particular character in a file name or a word or dispose of certain characters in the file name . Can also be used to change the file extension , the file numbering sequentially , convert to uppercase or lowercase letters , giving the date and time of the file , create a script to rename the process , and so on .

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Computer Network Topology

Topology is a way of setting the relationship between computers in a computer network . Outlines the actual layout topology of the network hardware . In general the network using one or more physical topology . Physical topology include : BUS , STAR and RING .

BUS topology is common in the LAN topology . With this topology computers are connected in a chain ( daisy – chain ) by means of a cable which is generally in the form of a single type of coaxial cable . End – the end of the coaxial cable should be covered with prisoners ( termination resistors ) to avoid reflections that can cause disorders that cause network congestion .

End of the cable to the computer using a BNC connector . At each network adapter ( LAN Card ) installed BNC connectors T type branching . Coaxial cables were connected to each other with this connector . This topology is easy to install and inexpensive , but if something happens to one of the computers , the other computer is likely to be disrupted . Speed ​​that can be reached only up to 10 Mbps .

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FOSS ( Free Open Source Software )

According to David Wheeler , general program called free open source software ( open source free software ) or FOSS is a licensed program that gives users the freedom to run the program for anything , study and modify the program , and distribute the program doubling the original or modified without having to pay royalties to previous developers .

There are two major philosophies in the FOSS world: the philosophy of the FSF ( Free Software Foundation ) or the Free Software Foundation , and the philosophy of the OSI ( Open Source Initiative ) or Terbuka.Tokoh main source initiative movement is Richard Stallman FSF , OSI movement while the figure is Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens .

OSI is focused on the technical values ​​in making software
efficient and reliable , and this approach is more appropriate OSI term business needs .

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Office Suite ( Office Applications )

Office or office application suite is the most popular application is designed to simplify and complete the office work . Well-known office applications are Microsoft Office ( MS Office ) .

MS Office consists of the following applications .
1 ) MS Word
MS Word is a word processing application ( word processor ) . You can use it to make downloading documents , such as papers , pamphlets , books , and official letters .
2 ) MS Excel
MS Excel is the spreadsheet application ( spreadsheet ) . MS Excel can be used to complete the calculation involving the table .
3 ) MS PowerPoint
MS PowerPoint is a presentation application (presentation ) . Soft ware is often used to make a presentation page .
4 ) MS Access
MS Access is a database application ( data base ) . The database is widely used for the purposes of storage and processing of large data . Often the data is stored on a special computer called a server data base .

Another example is the office application ( OOo ) which is one of the open source applications . Applications provided by is as follows .
1 ) OOo Writer , a word processor application ( functionality similar to MS Word ) .
2 ) OOo Calc , a spreadsheet application ( like MS Excel ) .
3 ) OOo Impress , a presentation application ( similar to MS PowerPoint ) .
4 ) OOo Base , a data base application ( similar to MS Access ) .
5 ) OOo Draw , a drawing application ( drawing ) . You can create drawings and sketches using the Draw application .

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Layer-layer OSI VI

  Presentation layer performs specific functions that are required to ensure the discovery of a common resolution for a particular problem. Presentation Layer does not allow a user to solve their own problems. Unlike layers just beneath the bits of moving from one place to another, pay attention to the presentation layer syntax and semantics of the information transmitted.

One example is the encoding of data pressentation service. Most users do not move a random string of binary bits. The users exchange data such as names, dates, amounts of money, and bills. The items are expressed as a character string, interger numbers, floating point numbers, data structures formed from some simpler items. There is a difference between one computer to another computer in a given code to declare a string of characters (eg, ASCII and Unicode), integer (eg complement and two complement one), and so on. To allow two computers that have a different presentation to communicate, the data structures to be exchanged can be expressed in an abstract way, according to the encoding standard to be used “on the line”. Presentation layer data-set and convert the abstract structure of the representation that is used on a computer to a network standard representation, and vice versa.