Twitter for Windows 8

Official Twitter app for Windows 8 finally arrived. Previously recorded only MetroTwit and Tweetro a Twitter client application categorized as good.

As usual, to be able to use a Twitter client, you must enter a username and password. It’s just that you do not need to ask for a token advance because the application is made by Twitter itself.

When executed, the feel of the web version of Twitter was once on this application. Your timeline will be treated to tweet directly from the people you follow. In the upper right, there is a button to activate the search feature as well as a text box to write a new tweet. On the left side, there is a row of buttons Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. When executed, by default you will be in a position Home. Enable Connect to see that tweet did mention to you. Discover about the topics that are popular activities as well as your friends on Twitter. Finally, the Me feature everything related to your account.

Edit photos online with photo editing site on the Internet

Edit photos to be included in a background it is not difficult now . For example, to make your photos look like in the mug , or as being painted or converted into puzzle pieces can be done without graphic design skills . This can be done in an online photo editing sites are scattered in cyberspace . We will take some examples of online photo editing site that you can try .

Edit photos online with photo editing site
You dream about your face appear in the bills of a country ? You can make it happen here . With this site you can membaut your photo appears in various countries currencies . Of course it’s fake and just for the fun of it . There are a lot of currency that can be selected , depending on which you prefer . Of course this can be a good joke for you . To do so , you can visit the site .
Online photo editing site is pretty well liked . There are many features that are available on this site , ranging from sepia , red eye , resizing , cropping or zooming . In addition there are many interesting effects to make your photos look more charming . You can visit this site and try tweaking your images through a variety of features in it

Online photo editing site is very interesting . There are many features offered to turn your photo becomes more attractive . Your picture can be displayed in the building as being large , displayed on the hood of a car or boat display . Display a diverse background is very interesting and makes us endlessly tweaking . There are also some beautiful photo frame options .
This site can be fairly complete among others . There are many features that are provided . Process images in an online photo editing site is very nice , lots of features that you can explore and styles that can be applied to your photo . You can perform as a soldier or a magazine cover

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History of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photoshop, that name is not foreign to our ears especially for those of you lovers of graphic design. This software is an application that is very popular as a bitmap image processing. Maybe you do not know the history of the early presence in the world of information technology, the following article will tell you the history of the development of the first developed

Adobe Photoshop, or Photoshop commonly called, is made in the image editor software Adobe Systems is devoted to editing photos / drawings and manufacturing effects. The software is widely used by digital photographers and advertising company that is considered as the market leader (market leader) for image processing software / photos, and, together with Adobe Acrobat, is regarded as the best product ever produced by Adobe Systems. Eighth version of the application is called by the name of Photoshop CS (Creative Suite), version called Adobe Photoshop CS2 nine, ten version called Adobe Photoshop CS3 version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 is the eleventh, twelfth version is Adobe Photoshop CS5, and the last version (thirteenth) is Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Photoshop is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Mac OS; versions 9 and above can also be used by other operating systems such as Linux using software such as CrossOver.
The story of history starts here

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Print Specialist IBM Big Data

What skills the IT field will be much needed in the near future ? Skills may be associated with Big Data , especially the field of data analytics . At least it looks from what is done by IBM recently .

IBM has agreed to cooperate with universities around the world for university education courses Big Data . In the United States , IBM partnered with Georgetown University , George Washington University , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute , University of Missouri , and Northwestern University . In addition IBM also began a program of Big Data in the Dublin City University , Mother Teresa Women’s University in India , National University of Singapore , and the Philippines ‘ Commission of Higher Education .

Study programs range from a non-degree to a degree . For example , a Master of Science degree program in business analytics fields conducted at George Washington University , and Big Data Analytics program , non-degree , at the University of Missouri .

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The Advantages of a Self-Encrypting Drive

Hard disk encryption protects stored data by converting it into a code that cannot be deciphered by others unless a “key” is provided to decipher it. Several forms of hard disk encryption exist including software-based encryption, hardware-based encryption, and self-encrypting hard drives. One of the best options available is a self-encrypting drive.

Self-encrypting hard disks have several advantages. First, they arrive from the factory all set up and ready to go. All you need to do is provide the correct “key,” which is much like a password, at boot up. From there, a circuit within the hard disk’s controller chip encrypts and decrypts data automatically – and you won’t even need to think about it. It all takes place in the background while you work.

Everything on the hard disk is encrypted including temporary files and swap space which could contain sensitive information if a savvy hacker were to gain access to the drive. In addition, the user does not need to remember to encrypt sensitive files because the self encrypting drive does it automatically (Source: WinMagic Self Encrypting Drive). For organizations concerned about the confidentiality of data, this is a huge benefit because it removes “operator error” from the process. Since self-encrypting drives are user-friendly, they are also less likely to be bypassed by users out of frustration. For example, studies by the Ponemon Institute showed concern among information officers about users turning off laptop security despite the presence of strict security policies forbidding such a practice.

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Stereo Tube Amplifier circuit

Tube stereo amplifier circuit is quite simple, but capable of producing a very good performance. I designed it specifically for use as an amplifier for the digital sound card on my machine. Audio input can be from the two-channel line level such as television, CD player, or VCR. This is the type of tube, using only 5 tubes total with no more than about 45 Watts of electrical power consumption. Using 3 types of tube 1 5Y3 GT vacuum rectifier, 2 6SF5 GT high-mu triodes, and 2 6K6 power beam amplifiers. These are all full-size octal type tubes are generally available today with a price range of $ 3-5 each.
R1, R10, R13 2.2Meg Pot
R2 470K 1/2W Resistor
1 Meg 1/2W Resistor R3
R4 220K 1/2W Resistor
Resistor R5 330 Ohm 2W
220K 1/2W Resistor R6
1/2W Resistor R7 2.2Meg
1meg 1/2W Resistor R8
720 Ohm 20W Resistor R9
R11 33K 1/2W Resistor
R12 22K 1/2W Resistor
C1, C9 Capacitor 0.005uF 400V
C2 0.05uF 600V Capacitor
C3 20uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
C4 0.01uF 400V Capacitor
C5 200uuF 400V Ceramic Disc Capacitor
C6, C7 15uF 450V Capacitor
C8 15uF 400V Capacitor
T1 117V Primary, Secondary 350VCT, Secondary 6.3V, 6.3V Secondary
T2 7600 Ohm Primary, Secondary 4 or 8 Ohm
SW1 SPST Switch
SP1, SP2 12 “or smaller, 4 or 8 ohm speaker
MISC tube sockets 5, 2 RCA jacks, PC board or chassis, wire, knobs, etc.


GT 6V6 tubes can be replaced with 6K6 for low power requirements.
C8 is to reduce radio interference and can be removed.
5Y3 GT tube should be mounted in a vertical position and have good ventilation. 6SF5 6K6 tube and can be mounted in any position.
Controls should have an audio taper.
The power supply is part of a series of stereo tube amplifier can be used for anything that requires a voltage of 290-320V DC up to about 3 amps.

LED (Light Emiting Diode)

You ever woken up small objects that can be seen flickering in an electronic device. Yes, such a small thing that bias glowing light that is called LED (light Emiting Diode).

The picture on the side is a form of LEDs. Did you know that the color of the LED light produced variety, there are blue, red, and yellow

Figure 7. LED

Now try the search function LEDs for what?
-Producing light
-As an indicator / pointer if a circuit is active.

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Thermal design power (TDP) is the maximum amount of power the cooling system in a computer is required to dissipate heat generated by the CPU. • Most people assume that the TDP is the power of a CPU. This assumption is not appropriate, because unlike TDP of the CPU power output during operation. table of contents